Friday, June 2, 2023

Welcome to Sober Galaxy

Welcome to Sober Galaxy

Hey. Thank you for visiting Sober Galaxy. This website is something I’ve wanted to create for a long time. My name’s Ben and I’m 32. I’ve been sober since 8th September 2022. Like many people, the majority of my 20’s were centred around drinking alcohol. And despite knowing for a long time that it wasn’t the life for me, I was trapped within a horrific cycle. After a few spectacularly failed attempts at stopping drinking, I was finally able to celebrate my first full year of sobriety recently. 

What have I created Sober Galaxy for?

Sober Galaxy is a place where I can share my thoughts, stories and conversations with others about the realities of alcoholism in the hope that it can help and inspire others. I’m currently in the process of developing an app for Sober Galaxy, and I’m looking forward to documenting the process of what it takes to create an app like this. 

I’ve always enjoyed writing, creating content, and connecting with others online. And it seemed like a perfect opportunity to build an online community and content platform focusing on sobriety. 

What is Sober Galaxy?

Currently, Sober Galaxy is this website, and it also has accounts on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Primarily, it will be a platform for sharing personal stories, conversations, resources, and other content that I hope others can find useful and helpful. My goal is to create and publish frequent content, such as articles, videos and podcasts, that can be accessed online. I also think there will be a lot of use for a smartphone app, so I’m looking forward to the Sober Galaxy app being launched. 

What is Sober Galaxy’s mission? 

I’ve personally experienced what it’s like to battle with alcoholism, and I’ve seen it affect others also. I believe that there is a stark lack of useful online content available for people who are currently in the grips of alcoholism, and my mission is to change that. The primary mission of Sober Galaxy is to serve as an accessible online space where people can come to find information, resources and support to help them (or their friends/family) break from alcoholism. 

How can you get involved with Sober Galaxy?

I hope that Sober Galaxy can be a place where a supportive and welcoming community can develop around. I’d like to connect with all kinds of people, no matter their current circumstances, location or their background. I sincerely want to hear from others who have experienced or been affected by alcoholism, and provide a platform for them. I want to share the realities of addiction and alcoholism, and provide a voice for people who are often misunderstood and prejudiced against by wider society. 

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