Sober Saturdays are the one – here are a few things you can love about them

So Saturday mornings used to be the bridge between a wreckless Friday and a shameful Saturday night. 

But they haven’t been for a long time now. I actually used to wonder what on earth I’d do with my time, especially on weekends, if I didn’t drink.

Now I genuinely wonder how I ever had the time for it.

Weekends used to be on open book for spending it in pubs and clubs. Now they’re the last place I’d want to be spending that time. 

Here are 5 reasons to love sober Saturdays.  

  1. You can drink as much coffee as you like, without feeling guilty 

I woke up early this morning and headed to Black Sheep in L1 for a cortado. Well, I went in with the full intention of getting a cortado, but found myself defaulting to a flat white (if you know what a cortado is, you’ll know it somehow never looks like enough coffee – especially first thing in the morning).

Drinking coffee used to be a tactic to give me some life to move and get things done. Now, going for a coffee on a Saturday morning, listening to music and calling family – it’s still coffee, just different. I’m going for a coffee to enjoy it, not because it’s a necessity. 

  1. Anxiety-Free Saturday mornings

I still, even after all this time, find myself waking up on a morning and feeling a wave of appreciation for not having the stress and anxiety of piecing together sketchy memories of the previous night. 

Waking up on a weekend now feels like an opportunity to do something productive, or plan something I enjoy. 

If you’re still waking up on Saturday morning feeling rough and wondering what you did last night – then maybe you’ll find this inspiring enough to know that you can actually wake up on a weekend and feel great (as impossible as that might sound!). 

  1. You’ll have the time and desire to do fun hobbies

So undoubtedly one of my favourite things about being sober is that I have the time, energy and desire to do the things that I used to do before I started drinking as my primary activity outside of work.

If you don’t have many hobbies or interests, I can assure you that with a little effort and patience, you’ll soon find yourself with more hobbies than you’d possibly have the time for. 

Whether it’s sports, something creative, something social – or even just a videogame that you particularly like – finding activities to enjoy will give you something to look forward to. Saturdays are a great day for most of us to schedule in this important self-care time. 

  1. Food is better than drink – and you can eat whatever you like

Similar to the way I used to drink coffee – as a means to an end to ensure I could function to some degree – food no longer is a substance of survival, but it has now become a source of pleasure.

And it’s just the actual act of eating it that I enjoy. I’m also a big fan of cooking. And more than that, I love finding recipes, and going out and finding the ingredients for it. There are thousands of amazing YouTube channels with cooking tips for all skill levels. 

You don’t have to be a great, or even good, cook – your confidence will soon grow, and with some practice, you’ll be making great food before you know it.

  1. You’ll have more time for people that matter

I used to be around a lot of people who I would think were so much fun. Until I began wondering whether I’d actually still find them so much fun if I wasn’t drinking. Well, once I stopped drinking, I soon found an answer to that. 

There’s only so far you can develop a friendship when the majority of the time you’re spending with each other is based around drinking. 

Once you start spending time with people when you’re all sober, you’ll soon discover that the bonds you’re making with other people are actually based on mutual interests and appreciation.

NGL – some people can be hard work when you’re sober, but I’m sure some people feel the same about me (just kidding, I’m a total delight to be around!). Having a few drinks can initially make it easier to chat to somebody, but that shortcut isn’t much of a basis for a long-term friendship.

Saturdays* are a great day to put aside time to spend with friends and family.

If you work Saturdays or have other commitments than just swap this for another day of the week. We’re flexible here.

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